15 Tips to Maximize Your Jewelry Box

Emerald cut diamond

Dry January is over and if you're like me, you've already given up (or just flat out forgotten) your resolutions (I have 300 more multi-vitamins to take and I figure I will get back on the horse at some point...). However, without sounding too much like Tony Robbins, February is here and we have a new opportunity to transform our lives one day at a time. I've put together a list of 15 things that can help us all to make the most of our jewelry box. I was going to make a daily list, but let's be honest, every other day is more than enough between zoom work and cooking every meal (hello dishes!). 

So, without further ado, here it goes...

  1. Clean your jewelry! All you need is some mild dish soap and a baby toothbrush. Scrub scrub scrub. For softer or organic gemstones (read: opal, coral, pearls), simply use a damp cloth to wipe them down.
  2. Take an assessment of the pieces you have. Look at the big picture. Try them on. Style them. Pair up unexpected combinations. Play dress up!
  3. Organize the pieces you have. Invest in a jewelry box! Being able to see everything all at once makes getting dressed that much easier.
  4. Figure out what pieces you need. Maybe you're all set on solid gold but want to start adding diamonds in. Maybe you have 10 rings but no earrings. Plan and brainstorm and make educated purchases in the future!
  5. Insure your jewelry! Can't say this enough. Yes, insurance is expensive, but replacing your jewelry on your own is even more expensive.
  6. Reset any pieces that you aren't wearing anymore (think that ring your mother-in-law gave you that you never really liked but still had to say thank you for, or that piece your ex boyfriend gifted you that makes you cringe). I work with clients regularly to reset their pieces into chic, wearable jewelry.
  7. Get rid of the pieces that give you an allergic reaction or are cheap. I purchased jewelry in my early 20s that I loved, but now has been worn through...chains are black, earrings turn my ear piercings green, rings are literally split in two. Get it out! Consider replacing the stalwarts with the real thing.
  8. Do you have earrings without backs? Necklaces that are broken? Email info@annapjay.com to start the repair process. What's the point of having pieces you can't wear?
  9. On the same note, have your watch properly serviced. Change that battery so you don't loose time later!
  10. Load up on the classics. There are a few pieces every person should have in your jewelry box that will never go out of style. Not sure what those are? Email us and we will help.
  11. Add some personalized pieces to your mix. Surely you have a piece or two that can be engraved. Engraving is an inexpensive way to give an old piece new life. 
  12. Try on all of your rings. Have some that don't fit? Let's resize them.
  13. Size all of your fingers and write it in a note on your phone. This way you will always have it handy. Need a ring sizer? We offer them complimentary!
  14. Buy a ring guard. This way, if you have a middle finger ring but want to switch it up and wear it on your ring finger, you can. A 1.5mm Band works perfectly for something like this.
  15. Restring your pearls. If your grandmother gave you her pearls, you likely need them re-strung. Overtime the fibers in the strands weaken and breakdown and you could end up with pearls all over the floor at the first post-covid cocktail party you attend.
  16. Bonus: make a pinterest board of your aspirational pieces. I have a running list myself and interestingly enough, over the year, I tend to acquire what I want. Be it a 30" chain, a nice gold watch, or a diamond tennis necklace, it's nice to check in with yourself on what you want (especially when it's an investment piece like jewelry!)

As 2021 is turning around, we'll soon be out and about and have events to wear jewelry to! And you'll be so glad you Marie Kondo'd this part of your life! Have other ideas on how to maximize your jewelry box? We'd love to hear! Email us your ideas at info@annapjay.com

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