Ask Anna: What should I do with a single earring?

colorful gemstone earrings

Dear Anna,

I have a single diamond earring shaped like a heart. I lost the other one. What shall I do with it now?



Dear J,

Oh no! I'm so sorry you've lost a half of your pair. There are a few options as far as we can do to make it whole again: 

a) Depending on the design of it (sounds like it's a diamond stud), I'd bring it in to try to match the diamond to create a pair again.

b) If the design is more intricate, bring it in and we can try to make a match by making a CAD (computer animated design).

c) Reset the single earring into a necklace pendant. 

Either way - let's do something with it to try to get it out of your jewelry box! Send an email to to get started ASAP.