Ten Facts You Didn't Know About APJ

  1. I studied geology in college which I completely credit for sparking my love of fine jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds. I actually completed my thesis about oysters (but not the kind that make pearls). It would be absolutely incredible to find a natural pearl in an oyster.
  2. I was between pear shaped and emerald cut engagement ring. 
  3. I launched APJ because I didn't feel right asking my friends to purchase jewelry for big occasions with traditional jewelry store mark ups. 
  4. I love cats! I have two, Lucky, and Bibi.
  5. I'm the youngest of three kids. 
  6. I opened the Jewel Box because I wanted to have an assortment of ready to ship pieces for my clients.
  7. All the designers in the Jewel Box are designed by females. 
  8. My fiance Chad is a professional sailor. 
  9. Both my office wallpaper and store wallpaper feature birds.
  10. I love to cook, needlepoint, and take pictures of avocados.