Gift Guide: Libra


The Scales
September 23 - October 22
Air Sign
Clever + Idealistic + Indecisive

I am a libra - through and through, the good with the bad. So, this is a gift guide for things I would be really, really okay (more than okay!) with receiving. I've also tried to incorporate something for each price point to make sure everyone is covered.
Firstly - I'd get these beaded ball bracelets. You could start with one and continue to add to the stack, but the real goal would be one of each color in each size. That way, us indecisive libra's, have our wrist game covered.
Beaded ball bracelets, 3mm or 4mm available. Starting at $850.
Also perfect for a variety of age groups and if you aren't sure of ring size!
One thing libra's are known for is being charming - so how perfect is something with dangling charms? I'm loving this evil eye anklet. Such a fun addition to have on your side during 2020 (and beyond!). 
Evil Eye Anklet, $295.
This diamond choker necklace is a no brainer. It's about 11" of diamonds with 3" of chain, so you can wear it as a choker, or wrap it twice around your wrist for a layered tennis bracelet look. I would be VERY okay with receiving this. The tricky part would be deciding if I wanted yellow, rose or white gold!

Tennis Choker Necklace, Starting at $6000.

Another thing I'd love is a fun and playful ring. This dagger ring has been on my mind since I first laid eyes on it. I would wear it from day to night and enjoy the diamonds sparkling while I typed on my laptop, drank wine, or anything in between. It really is chic without breaking the bank. Make sure you have a ring sizer so you get the perfect fit ;)

Dagger Ring, $1125.
As always, if you're still not seeing something you love, feel free to reach out! I am happy to work with you to find something spectacular, regardless of the budget. Email: for more information!
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