Gift Guide: Pisces



The Fish
February 19 - March 20
Water Sign
Creative + Empathetic + Generous


Pisces are the last sign of the zodiac - meaning they have absorbed joys, highs, lows, and all the lessons of the other zodiacs. This makes them empathetic, compassionate and sensitive to others. We'd all be lucky to have a Pisces in our life - and if you're lucky enough to have one or two - here are some gift ideas they're sure to love. 

The Moon and Stars Necklace. While our Pisces' can be swallowed by their emotions, this moon and stars necklace will help to ground them - without weighing them down. However, this necklace is solid, heavy gold, so will feel lovely around the neck. 

Classic Paperclip Chain. Available in bracelet length or necklace length, this is a great piece to layer with or wear all on it's own. It's chunky enough to stand on it's own but also plays well with others. It's become one of our most popular pieces and a piece I personally wear daily on my bracelet stack. 


Spike Huggies with Diamonds. I love these huggies - sold as a single or a pair, you can mix and match to make the look however you want it. They're available in white, yellow or rose gold, and the touch of diamonds are the elegant twist that our generous Pisces' deserve.

October Ring. Don't let the name fool you - this ring is great any month of the year. I love this ring because as much as it reminds me of a fiery sunset, it also reminds me of the glowing depths of the sea. Opal is dreamy and will pique the Pisces imagination with it's color flashes. 

As always, if you're not seeing something you love, feel free to reach out and we will work with you one on one to find something great for the Pisces in your life.

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