Gift Guide: Sagittarius


The Archer
November 22 - December 21
Fire Sign
Independent + Adventurous + Vibrant


In Roman mythology, the Sagittarius is a healer who serves as the bridge between the heavens and earth. As a half human, half horse, with a bow and arrow, Sagittarius are known to be independent, intelligent, and compassionate. These gifts will be perfect for the Sag in your life!

I am obsessed with this paperclip bracelet. I think it is really one of the best pieces of the year. It's easy to wear, classic and quite simple, but still interesting. You could even personalize it by adding a charm or two. Dealers choice!

Paperclip Bracelet

The decollete necklace is aptly named for where it sits on the neck. It is great as a stand alone, or can be layered up to add a bit of jazz to your neck. The sag would love this piece as it's a hybrid between a lariat and just regular necklace. To me, a no brainer!

Decollete Necklace

It's 2020 - everyone could use an evil eye piece of jewelry. Need I say more?

Evil Eye Bracelet

This ear cuff is so chic and different. No piercing required. It adds some edge to your ear more than just your usual earring. Plus who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?

 Diamond Ear Cuff
Diamond Ear Cuff

As always, if you're still needing a bit of guidance on what to give to your Sagittarius, reach out - we are always happy to help!

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