How does a jeweler get engaged?

I've been asked so many questions about how Chad managed to pull off a proposal for me! So I decided to lift the veil and tell you a bit about our engagement... and spoiler alert: it's much like yours if you've worked with me!

A bit of background: Chad and I have been together for five years. Our first date was going for a sunset sail with friends, and we've been together ever since. As we were approaching our five year anniversary this Summer, he'd danced around what he was going to give me - a painting, maybe? Another kitten - DEFINITELY! But he didn't offer that... A new piece of jewelry? Yes, but one in particular... So, we did what any couple who's ready to get engaged does - we called APJ! 

As a jeweler (and obvious jewelry lover), I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. I connected Chad with my production team, who just so happened to be VERY well briefed on what I had in mind for my dream ring... He then worked with them (who in turn had some guidance from me) to have two diamonds sent to me for me to choose from. Take a peek at the loose stones... pretty stunning and of course a difficult choice!

3ct emerald cut

Both of these diamonds were eye-clean, similar in carat weight, measurements, and even color. I often tell my clients, you will be drawn to one diamond over another almost instantly. Just like you, I was drawn to the bottom diamond immediately. The faceting was gorgeous and truly difficult to find ANY of the inclusions in the stone. The top diamond had a feather in the top right corner that, while you couldn't see with the naked eye, I knew was there (and could easily spot with my loupe). So, while overwhelmed with emotion and excitement, I opted for the bottom diamond and Chad agreed - it was truly spectacular and a perfect representation of our relationship.

It was then whisked away, back to my production team to be set (exactly to my specifications!). However, at this point, I was out of the equation - Chad was communicating with them directly to coordinate timing and shipments. This was the hard part for me... you see, I know how long things take to do, make and create, so after a certain point, I knew that Chad HAD the ring and just wasn't asking me! 

Then, Labor Day rolled around and we made plans to go for an evening sail. You may even remember me posting on my Instagram story about leaving the office early to go for a sail. We took out his beetle cat, Driftwood, packed some charcuterie and wine (and champagne as it turned out!), and he asked me to marry him as we rounded Brant Point in the Nantucket Harbor. From our first date sailing to getting engaged on a sailboat, it certainly was a full circle moment and one of the happiest evenings I've ever had...I think his smile says it all :)

The engagement ring is really just the icing on the cake as far as finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I'm so excited to be starting this next chapter together! Jewelry is one of those things that will be an everyday reminder of that special birthday, anniversary, or memory. I know when I look at my engagement ring, I'm instantly reminded of our love and life together. I know how emotional and important the decision is to find that perfect ring. If you're looking to get engaged - please reach out today (, I'd love to help you create this joy!