What's the deal with lab grown diamonds?

There's been quite a bit of buzz around lab grown diamonds lately, so I want to demystify them for us all. Here's what you need to know:

What's the difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to their natural counterparts, however only take a few weeks to create in a lab. One of the most impressive things about natural diamonds is the amount of time, pressure, and frankly, luck, it takes to grow. Natural diamonds must survive over millions of years, be transported to the earth's surface, then found. Lab grown diamonds are man made in a lab. Where is the romance in that?

Can you tell lab grown diamonds apart from natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are incredibly difficult to tell apart from natural diamonds, that is why GIA reports are very important to possess for all large purchases, like diamond studs and engagement rings. APJ even offers GIA reports for each diamond in larger stone eternity bands. 

Are lab grown diamonds large?

Often times, lab grown diamonds are smaller than their natural counterparts. As technology advances, lab grown diamonds will be able to grow larger and larger, but as of now, they are not as common in larger sizes. 

Are lab grown diamonds valuable?

No. While they do take time and money to produce, lab grown diamonds are not remotely as valuable as natural diamonds. As technology advances and lab grown diamonds become more readily availability, prices will drop even further than they are now. A one carat diamond that is lab grown are approximately $1000/carat while the same quality natural diamond is approximately $5000/carat.

How do I know my jewelry doesn't have lab grown diamonds in it?

APJ only works with other trusted jewelers in the trade. Complete and utter transparency is one of the biggest tenets of APJ LLC and is not taken lightly. While it is incredibly challenging to differentiate lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds, if there are ever lab grown diamonds discovered in a piece, APJ stands completely and wholly by her pieces, their quality and will work with you to make it right. 

Does APJ sell lab grown diamonds?

To answer briefly, no, APJ does not sell lab grown diamonds. As a trained geologist (and gemologist!), the romance of jewelry and gemstones is partly due to their formation in the earth's crust. Taking that away to a lab, while impressive, lacks the je ne sais quoi of a natural stone. I mean, can you imagine being in Africa in the late 1800s and having the horizon sparkle with diamonds? It really is incredible. 

Will APJ ever sell lab grown diamonds?

Never say never, but as of now, I do not sell lab grown diamonds. If a client wants a lab grown diamond, I can source them for you, but I would encourage you to go natural. As technology advances and the market becomes even more saturated with these stones, their value will likely plummet more. I really pride myself on selling modern heirlooms that you will have forever and ideally pass on to your children and your children's children. Lab grown doesn't have the magic that natural diamonds do.

But aren't most natural diamonds conflict diamonds?

While some natural diamonds have had a dark history, my diamond suppliers guarantee our diamonds are compliant with the Kimberly Process and are conflict free. GIA even offers Diamond Origin reports, where you can determine where your diamond came from. 

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