Know Before You Go: Engagement Ring Shopping

Know Before You Go: Engagement Ring Shopping

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You found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Congratulations! So, now you're ready to start ring shopping. Here's some tips of the trade to make sure the ring is a home run...

  • Your Budget - there is no right answer to this. The old wives saying is that it should be three months of your salary, but it should really be whatever you're comfortable with spending. There are many engagement ring styles that won't break the bank, so there's no reason to feel limited. I typically start traditional engagement rings around $7000, but there are other non traditional options available if that's more than you're looking to spend. 
  • Their Style - are they classic? Trendy? Whimsical? Delicate? Bedazzled? All of these things can help you find something that is perfect for them. 
    • First, determine which kind of gemstone they'd want: do they want a colored stone? Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald? A diamond? 
    • Then, determine which shape or style they'd like: Round? Square? Heart? Do they want a single stone or multiple stones? If their fingers are long, I always advise an elongated shape (think emerald cut, pear, elongated radiant -- something that will spread not over just the width of the finger but also the length). 
    • Ideal Metal Color: I always advise my clients to set their center stone (if nothing else), in platinum. A diamond will reflect whatever is around it, so having white metal around it will make the diamond appear whiter. Platinum is also the strongest of the metals (with the best metal memory), so it's ideal for keeping your gemstones secure. 
    • Tip: check their Instagram or Pinterest page for what they're 'liking' or 'favoriting' - this can be very helpful if you're trying to be covert. Another option would be to phone a friend (or sister!) who you think they would've confided in. 
  • Their Finger Size: I wrote an entire blog about this, read it here!
  • Timing: When are you looking to get engaged? My engagement rings are all custom made for you, and they typically take about 6-8 weeks from our initial consultation to delivery to create. So start the discussion sooner rather than later! During the pre-holiday season rush (or during a global pandemic), timing can be slightly longer, so bare that in mind before you are dead set on proposing on a certain date. I am prone to making (jewelry) miracles happen :) 

Still not sure? Focus on your love! Remember: it's all about the love. A ring is a beautiful symbol of that, but we can always re-set your diamond. So, when in doubt, focus your budget into getting a beautiful center stone. The rest can be worked out later. 

While all of this obviously seems like a lot, you're on the right track if you're on We are happy to discuss all of this (and more!) with you to make sure the ring you propose with is perfect (and purchased at a price that is much below traditional retail!). Ready to get started? Email us at !

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